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Myringotomy and Insertion of Ventilation Tubes


Post Operative Information

Post-Op Instructions-Ear Surgery
Post-Op Instructions-Tubes

Post-Operative Care Video (Middle Ear surgery)



Postoperative Instructions for Ear Bandage Removal

If an incision was made behind your ear you will leave the hospital with a plastic cup ear dressing. You may remove this cup the next day.

1. Remove the velcro strap and lift off the cup.                                                                           

2. You may remove the small pad behind the ear and the cotton ball in the ear canal. These usually have a “smile face” sticker attached.                                                                              

3.You may take a normal shower immediately and wash you hair. The incision behind the ear was sealed during surgery and you can get it wet as you wish. The ear canal must stay dry.  Prior to showering you need to coat a cotton ball with petroleum jelly (Vasaline) and place it into the ear canal for the shower.                                                                                       

If the dressing sticks to the skin you can use gentile to firm pressure to peel it off. If it still does not come off then call the office.

If no incision was made in the back of the ear you probably left with a cotton ball in the ear canal. You may remove and exchange the cotton ball as you wish or leave it out altogether. You may take a normal shower the next day as long as you coat a cotton ball with Vasaline or Bacitracin and place it in the ear canal to keep it dry.

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