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Getting the Most from your Voice

  1. It all starts with good posture. Sit up or stand up straight. When sitting, remember ninety degrees at the ankles, knees and hips.
  2. The power of your voice comes from your breathing. Inhaling moves your belly out; exhaling moves your belly in. Make the most of your exhaled air when you speak. Volume comes from breath support, not tension in your throat.
  3. Pitch is maintained and changed in your voice box. Stress and intonation are the ways you naturally change pitch to express yourself.
  4. Slow your rate and really articulate your sounds. Your mouth and your throat are a musical instrument – open them up. Don’t mumble or muffle your words.
  5. Making voice is all about the balance between breathing, voicing, and articulating.

Jack Pickering, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


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