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Student Athlete Injury Prevention Program

Capital Region Physical Therapy is excited to announce a new training program developed specifically for Capital Region PT Student Athlete Injury Prevention Program in Albany, NY and the surrounding Capital Region.

This pre-season training program is designed to help the student athlete work on specific “high risk” areas to help him or her have a successful spring sports season while minimizing the chances of injury – download a PDF program flyer.

student athleteMany preseason training program are lacking in sport specific exercise and development.  Often, student athletes are performing general exercises that do not focus on problem areas or high risk impairments that may lead to injury.

Sports medicine professionals agree that high school athletes are under prepared to participate in their respective sports.  Less than 45% of all high schools have access to athletic training services during pre-season practice and games.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 3.4 million youth athletes aged 14 years or younger are treated for sports injuries annually in the United States.1 Of these injuries, the vast majority are soft tissue bruises, sprains, and strains. Many of these injuries occur at the beginning of the season and athletes who have not maintained fitness and activity levels in the off-season may be more at risk.

Capital Region Physical Therapy has developed a program to help student athletes properly prepare for their sports season to help the athlete perform better and prevent the possibility of injury while participating in high intensity sports.  Program elements include:

Sign up for the program is simple.  Contact Brett Sears, PT at Capital Region Physical Therapy at 439-5006 or via email at

 Learn more about Brett and Amanda by checking out their bio’s.

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