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We are a 2013 “Top Workplace”

April 22, 2013


TWP_Albany_2013_AWCapital Region Special Surgery is proud to announce we are a Capital Region “Top Workplace.”  Link to full list.

What employees say-

“I am able to perform my job to the fullest and best of my ability without question. New ideas are welcomed and refreshing.”

“I work closely with co-workers and management and feel that I am supported. I have learned many new things since I have been here and feel that there is the opportunity for advancement.”

“I believe that all the training I have received is invaluable. I have been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in different modalities that can further advance my career.”

“Open door policy. Professional attitude without the uptight feel.”

“Capital Region Special Surgery encourages new ideas by giving employees the opportunity to voice their opinions at monthly staff meetings and taking into account their considerations.”

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